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Mike Gibbons


Gibbons Financial Group, Inc


Favorite things to do

From 2004-2008 Mike served on the Village of Gurnee Police Pension Board as a Community Volunteer. This opportunity offered Mike the chance to work with local police officers and village trustees as well as the Mayor. His input would be solicited when it came time to make changes to the existing pension fund.

Mike currently serves on the St. Patrick’s Parish Financial Board. The board’s primary function is to balance the inflows and outflows between the Parish and St. Patrick’s School. As board members Mike is called upon to review all the data as well as to make recommendations to the Board President on how to reduce expenditures while enhancing Church and School revenues.


Our focus is on providing predictable outcomes for our clients and reducing financial worries so they can more fully enjoy their lives. We provide financial services and solutions based on the individual situation, and the specific needs, goals, and circumstances of each client.


How I Help Women

Services We Provide

Retirement Income Planning
Investment Management
Social Security Planning
Investment Risk Assessment
Business Succession Planning
Estate Planning Strategies
Insurance Analysis
Strategic Tax Planning
College Funding Planning
Philanthropic Planning






Gurnee, IL

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sun: 8:00AM - 5:00 PM